ASSOCIATES Degree Program

(Equivalent to 60 Credits)

This program is created to impart a sound foundation of Biblical knowledge to the students.  Upon completion of class assignments / corresponding assignments each student will receive a degree in Christian Education.  This program should last about one year with full participation.

BACHELORS Degree Program

(Equivalent to 65 Credits)

This program is tailored to further enrich the students with knowledge.  Once a student has completed their Associates Degree Level, they are presented with the option of continuing with GHBC and enrolling into the Bachelors Degree Program.  Taking their knowledge to another level, the Bachelors Degree Course also includes a “Fundamentals of Writing Course,” which prepares the student for the required thesis in the Masters Degree Program.

MASTERS Degree Program

(Equivalent to 70 Credits)

This program is also designed to further enrich the students with knowledge that builds on the information previously learned.  The Masters Degree Program requires the student to take as much of the knowledge gained over the past two years and compile their thoughts into o Portfolio.  In addition, each student is still required to take the courses assigned to the Degree Program.

DOCTORATE Degree Program

(Equivalent to 75 Credits)

In addition to the required courses, each Doctorate Student receives the priviledge of taking their writing skills, combined with the courses information learned thus far, and complete the 30,000 word Thesis.

The Courses of these program are tailored to enrich students with wisdom and knowledge that is only gained when an exceptional desire is present.

All Program Degrees are Awarded in *Christian Education, *Ministry, and *Theology.

*Degrees are awarded upon full completion of all assignments as well as a satisfactory grade on test scores.

*Programs should be completed in one year with full participation.

*Corresponding students progress at their own pace.