Grace Hill Bible University is an institution ordained to equip men and women for Christian living and Christian service worldwide.  No denominational requirements are necessary to apply.  This University will accept all individuals who give a clear testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ and who have a desire to advance in their knowledge of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

An application must be submitted and accepted by the Admissions Office before starting any course.  Applications will be furnished by the Admissions Office and should be returned with all questions answered.  This University offers both certificates and degree level programs.  An application fee applies and is non-refundable.


Courses are given on site and through correspondence.  Students will determine which procedure is best for them.  All students attending classes on site are required to attend classes regularly.  Exceptions are made for illnesses and mandatory church related business.

Classification of Students


Associates Degree

Bachelors Degree

Masters Degree

Doctorate Degree


Grace Hill Bible University reserves the right to take action on any student whose behavior or financial obligations is unsatisfatory to the administration. The action may result in a consequence of probation, suspension, or immediate dismissal.

Grace Hill Bible University conducts examinations to evaluate a student’s final grade on their various courses taken.  Final grades for each course will be determined by:


General Class Work

Completion of Assignments

Performance in Chapel Services / Assignments

Examination Grades


Grace Hill Bible University will evaluate students based on their ministry and life experience, as well as transcripts from previously attended Colleges, Universities, Institutions and Schools.  Upon completion of the evaluation procedure, we will know the status of the student upon enrollment as well as the correct program for the student’s continued education.  Students are also free to state their program of interest and we will work together to get them to their goal.


Grace Hill Bible University has a standard grading system.  All students’ final grade must be at or above a grade ‘C’ to earn their certificates and/or degrees.

Letter Grade Point Grade Word Rating Honor Points
A 90 + Excellent 4
B 80 – 89 Good 3
C 70 – 79 Satisfactory 2
D 60 – 69 Poor 1

*All students will be given a specific time frame to make up any incomplete work.  This time will be determined based upon the quantity and courses involved.


Grace Hill Bible University is financed by means of registrations, fees for each course, class and chapel service donations, and contributions from people who embrace the mission and is in agreement for the success of this University.  An application fee of $50.00 is charged.

1. Registration Fee and Course Fees are determined by the Program Selected

2. Donations and Contributions are as the Lord leads you


*No Refunds are given on non-refundable items

Refund Payments
85% – 15 days after the start of classes
75% – 16 to 30 days after the start of classes
65% – 31 to 70 days after the start of classes
*No refund upon withdrawal after 71 days of classes


A student is free to apply through the office of admissions for re-instatement at any time.  If approved in a signed letter by the president, that student is free to return to Active Student status.